Furious bride’s family speak out following her expletive-ridden rant

There's been an update in the wedding drama.

Earlier this week, the internet became enthralled with a wedding drama that saw a furious bride-to-be unleash on Facebook after her guests refused to fork over CA$1500 (AU$1570) to attend the ceremony.

The bride – known only as Susan – called out her ‘snake’ friends and family for refusing to cough up the dosh for her dream wedding, which ultimately led to her cancelling the wedding entirely.

After her story went viral, Susan’s cousin weighed in on the ordeal, explaining how the situation spiralled.

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She said Susan started off with “humble beginnings” but her obsession with the Kardashians caused her to become fixated on materialistic things, including demanding a $2000 royal-inspired baby carriage for her baby shower.

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She went on to explain how the bride-to-be was obsessed with social media and that her behaviour became progressively worse over time.

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In the end, Susan’s cousin concluded that she was glad she broke things off with her ex as she “needs to evaluate herself and her life”.


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