Over half of Aussie women feel their bodies stop them from enjoying sex

Sexologists weigh in on the results of this intimate study.

New statistics released today reveal fewer than one third of Australian women consider their body as sexually appealing, with more than half admitting it makes them leave the lights off when they’re getting intimate.

‘How we feel about our bodies has the ability to impact every aspect of our lives,” says sexologist and relationship expert, Dr. Nikki Goldstein.

‘What a woman is feeling about herself can have a huge impact on her, including between the sheets. Everything from sexual position to keeping the lights on, to being focused on what her partner is thinking can often stop her from experiencing real pleasure and enjoying the moment.’

When it comes to intimate relationships, the study, commissioned by Weight Watchers,  found that despite receiving positive emotional support and empowerment from partners, two in five women (41 per cent report) admit being self-conscious during sexual activities.

Weight Watchers member Kara Byers remembers that feeling: ’In the past, I have had a negative relationship with myself. I believe sexual relationships begin with how you feel; it doesn’t matter what size, shape, or age you are or what you weigh: it’s about loving yourself. When you have a healthy sex life, and a healthy relationship with yourself, that’s when you really live your life – that’s when you get to enjoy every day.’

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