14 ways to store Christmas decorations

Don’t risk crushed Christmas dreams next year!

With careful storage, your decorations will last not only until next year, but for decades to come!

Christmas decorations make your home special at this time of year and unpacking your most cherished baubles, heirloom ornaments, stockings and tree toppers at the beginning of every festive season is a much anticipated part of the festive fun for the whole family.

Once the festive season concludes however, they will sit idle for much of the year and it’s important to carefully consider how best to store away your decorations to ensure their safety until next Christmas. There would be nothing worse than opening your big box of baubles next Christmas, only to find them crushed and ruined!

If you added to your collection this year, make sure you keep the packaging to carefully store again. If the packaging is not reusable, or you’re starting from scratch to get organised this year, here are some tips for creating your own storage systems to keep your Christmas decorations looking their best, year after year.

Top tips for best storing your Christmas decorations

  1. Plastic storage boxes are readily available and stack easily. With careful labelling they can save you time and effort in finding what you want, when you want it.
  2. Sturdy cardboard boxes are best for vintage decorations to avoid them becoming damp over time.
  3. Save absorbent silica gel sachets from other new gifts and purchases through Christmas and tuck in to your ornament boxes to ward off damp.
  4. For smaller items, place in egg cartons, paper cups, jewellery- or sock organisers to keep separate and secure.
  5. Segmented wine boxes (or DIY with cardboard dividers in shoe boxes) are perfect for placings baubles and delicate ornaments to avoid damage. Line each space with a little tissue paper.
  6. Wrap larger items individually in layers of tissue paper to protect them and dodge entanglement with other decorations.
  7. Fold tinsel and ribbon neatly and stack between layers of tissue.
  8. Wrap each length of fairy lights around sturdy cardboard to keep tidy and separate.
  9. Neatly fold power cords and tuck into cardboard toilet- or kitchen paper rolls.
  10. For damaged decorations, make small repairs before you pack them away. A spot of super glue or a ribbon retied will make them like new when you unwrap next year.
  11. Discard ornaments that are broken beyond repair – say “thank you”and let them go.
  12. Group together similar items such as small ribbons or paper ornaments into zip-lock bags to store. Trapping some air in as you zip will pad the bag against crushing.
  13. Sort into colours or pack similar decorations together for easy access next time.
  14. Tape and label boxes and store well away for next year.

This article originally appeared on Home Beautiful.

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