Dumped wife’s revenge: ‘Be fabulous!’

Dianne is fit, fierce and fab!

After 26 years of marriage and two children together, Dianne Laurance was dumped for a younger woman. 

Determined to embrace her newfound freedom, Dianne vowed thrive instead of just survive after such a life-changing event.

Now, with almost 30,000 Instagram followers (at the time of writing) and media coverage worldwide, Dianne has inspired people around the globe to fall in love with themselves just as she has, giving new meaning to the term fabulous.

Waking up with a start, a memory popped into my head that I just couldn’t shake.

A mum of two grown-up boys, I’d recently been dumped by my hubby of 26 years – for a younger woman.

Years earlier, long before our split, my ex had made an observation.

‘Have you noticed when couples who’ve been together a long time break up, only one of them gets on with their lives and thrives. And it’s usually the man,’ he said.

Now, in the dead of night, his words gave me the ultimate a-ha moment!

Well, mister. I’m going to be the one who thrives here, I thought.

Throwing off the covers, I hopped up, pulled on my activewear, and did a workout.

No matter what life dumps on me, I’m going to look fabulous – and be fabulous! I decided.

It was the very best revenge. I didn’t want to hear gossip about my ex, spout nasty things, or even think about him at all.

I was determined to come out a better person, not a bitter one.

When negative thoughts sneaked into my mind – and they did – I quickly pushed them out with two or three positive affirmations.

I even chose three words to define the new me: fit, fierce and fabulous!

Whenever I reached a little stumbling block, the words flashed in my head, spurring me on.

I often flaunted my figure in sexy leopard print.

‘Oh my God, Dianne. You’re so happy. You look so good!’ loved ones said.

My friend Fee even bought me a T-shirt emblazoned with, Revenge is to look good!

But there were more brutal curve balls to come.

I lost my business in the divorce settlement, and my beautiful mum – who I adored – died.

I was devastated, but despite each knockback, I made it through.

Come on life! Keep throwing it at me, because I’m getting stronger every time, I thought.

Then, one night, I was hosting a dinner party, when my friends noticed my most cherished wedding photo still hung in pride of place above the fireplace.

‘Dianne, you’ve got to take that down,’ they insisted.

But I wasn’t ready.

So, later, I dug out a black and gold mask, like what you’d wear at a fancy masquerade ball. Jumping up on a ladder, I fitted it perfectly over my ex’s face!

Then, I decided to take it a step further.

Part of my quest was to try new things.

Working up the courage, I booked a photographer, and had a nude photo taken! In my birthday suit, at first, I felt out of my comfort zone.

Then I felt empowered.

I’m a superwoman and I can do anything, I thought when I saw the shot.

I decided it would go in my wedding frame.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting photo to replace it with.

After all, I was falling back in love with me.

I felt so fab, I wanted to spread the positivity.

So, even though I didn’t know the first thing about social media, I decided to start an Instagram page called,

I wanted to give other people who’d been through a life-changing event – whether it was a loved one’s death, or a relationship breakdown – hope.

First, I broached the idea with my boys.

‘That’s great, Mum – do what makes you happy,’ my eldest said.

‘Listen, Dizey,’ my youngest started, using their nickname for me. ‘Just keep your clobber on!’

Taking his advice mostly on board, I also started a website.

I want to inspire women to always be their fabulous best, I wrote.

Being my cheeky, sassy self, I shared all of my adventures with my online friends.

Whenever I travelled, I’d always hire a private guide to take me out hiking.

And I always insist on a young male… for security reasons only, of course. LOL! I wrote, posting a picture of a particularly handsome one.

Unless it was a legal document, when asked my age, I wrote, AGELESS!

I wasn’t embarrassed about my age, but I didn’t want to make decisions in my life based on a number.

Down in Tassie one day, I got recognised in public for the first time.

‘You’re the dumped wife. I follow you!’ a bloke exclaimed.

‘Why do you follow me?’ I asked, intrigued.

‘Because you give zero f***s and you are unapologetic about your life!’ he replied.

A year on, and 7000 followers later, I got a call from Vogue in New York!

After sharing my story with them, overnight, my followers more than doubled.

Now I’ve been sharing my antics online for three years, that number has amazingly grown to almost 27,000!

But it’s not all about fabulous frocks and flirting!

An attitude of gratitude has made me into the person I am proud to be today.

Opening my eyes each morning, I say thank you for three things that happened the day before.

‘The weather was fabulous and my morning coffee tasted the best ever…’

It helps to start my day right – with a big smile.

My greatest wish is that I inspire hope and happiness, with lots of sassiness! 

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