Your March monthly horoscope

that's life! Astrologer Kris Fontaine explains what the stars have in store for you

What’s written in the stars for your zodiac sign this month?

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Pisces – Year in Focus

February 20–March 20

The special people – or person – in your life take you on a journey that gives meaning and movement to the every day during the March to May period. Bad habits are blocked, while healthy habits are locked in.

Inspiration to do things differently moving forward is your big goal midyear. It will not only bring more magic into your days, but will score you a sensuous soulmate, special friend or family addition.

Health-wise, October and February target your weaker respiratory system or feet.

Tip: Move close to water and stay on
your toes.

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March 21–April 20

There is no room for people who can’t accept your decisions in the first half of March. You are on a mission to cull your world of ineffective situations and individuals whose actions continuously block your path.

Due to your leadership qualities, expect to receive the monetary pick-up and open-ended opportunities you deserve.

Love blooms during a residential move or body-boosting marathon within the second half of the month.

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April 21–May 21

March is the month to get your house in order physically, mentally and emotionally. The fallout equals accomplishing goals that promise to bring glam goodies later in the month.

Remember you have options when it comes to romance in mid-March – single doesn’t mean settling. Unsettled in your relationship? An unexpected event brings that banging bond back between you.

Kick off a smashing exercise routine or eating plan late March.

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May 22–June 21

Avoid losing something to actually appreciate it, Gemini. If you want to form stronger foundations and launch into the next stage with someone or something, pick up your game ASAP moving into March.

How you present no longer reflects who you have morphed into – consider restyling your wardrobe, improving your attitudes and clearing caustic mind-chatter mid-month.

A financial bonus clearly has your name on it late March.

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June 22–July 23

Make noise about what you would like to happen regarding a financial issue, residential matter or legal situation in early March.

Don’t forget to factor in possible emotional reactions from family members. Feel the force of friendship mid-month when a personal project requires further training or study.

Your sense of style shifts to match newly formed life attitudes late March. This supports your future or a loved one’s career.

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July 24–August 23

Kicking off a lucky money cycle in early March has all types of exciting repercussions. Starting with a solid to-do list cross-off and finishing with a home makeover or appearance upgrade.

Do your homework thoroughly before changing service providers, work premises or living quarters.

A long-time friendship or romantic relationship is definitely salvageable – but is your heart still in it? Late-month provides a clear-cut answer.

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August 24–September 23

March means matters of the heart come to the fore, while money matters take a temporary back seat.

You are finally comfortable in your own skin, and tickled pink by how relaxed you feel among company. Boredom has left your building and been replaced by a recharged vitality that can manage almost anything.

If you aim to take things to the next level, give your partner or love target extra affection in late March.

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September 24–October 23

March is dedicated to taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Certain people may try to take precedence, but you now know better, Libra.

You can’t help others if you don’t look after yourself first. Your long-term goals or love life take on a new persona late in March, when searching for a potential partner or creative outlet reaches a new high.

An unexpected lump sum is headlined.

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October 24–November 22

You perform like a trouper as March opens for business – tricky relationships are managed and risky business is taken care of.

You come from a solid platform and radiate love. Good karma comes to you in spades.

Fuller finances or new work prospects are locked in during the last week of March. Your angst is under control and you are back in the driver’s seat – the world is your oyster, Scorpio.

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November 23–December 21

‘Pick me! Pick me!’ It’s your catchcry in March; whether associated with a work opportunity, love relationship or property vacancy. Your hand is up straight and you’re in the running for the short list.

Your life purpose gradually emerges in late March, but it may not be what you expect.

The rose-coloured glasses are set aside, as you hook onto reality and make success your middle name.

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December 22–January 20

Being the ‘Queen of Duty’ in your household, family or workplace serves you well in early March. You are on top of what needs
to happen, any guilt is dropped and your stamina is on fire.

The ticker of all your boxes returns romantically around mid-month, and you seem ready for what true companionship and compatibility really entails.

A road trip or mini cruise is planned for late March.

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January 21–February 19

So what really makes you tick in March, Aquarius? Certainly, that long list experiences some nips and tucks. Love and affection topple loose friendships and detachment.

Success and security replace struggle. Is single your status? Put total commitment with an unexpected attraction
on hold until late March – it can wait, because when you know, you know!

Coupled up? Dazzle one another with your ability to jump yet another powerful hurdle.

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