How lucky are you?

Like to know if you’re one of the more fortunate amongst us? Do our quiz and find out
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1. Have you ever won lotto?

a) I’ve had at least one win over $1000

b) Yes, but small wins, all under $1000

c) No, or I don’t play lotto

2. How good is your health?

a) It’s excellent

b) About average

c) Not great

3. Would you consider yourself lucky in love?

a) I’m about average

b) Absolutely.

c) No, I’ve been unlucky in love.

4. Do lady beetles or butterflies ever land on you?

a) All the time

b) It’s happened now and then

c) Hardly ever


5. How often do you win on a scratchie?

a) Frequently

b) About half the time

c) Rarely, or I don’t buy them

6. How often do you miss a bus or train by seconds?

a) All the time.

b) Now and then

c) Hardly ever

7. Do you consider yourself lucky?

a) No, not really

b) Yes, very

c) Probably average

8. How did you meet your mate (or, if single, best friend)?

a) By chance

b) I was introduced by friends

c) Through work or a social group


9. How often do you win competitions?

a) Often

b) Now and then

c) Rarely, or I don’t enter them

10. Have you ever found money/jewellery on the street?

a) No, or rarely

b) Yes, often

c) A few times

Calculate your score:

Q1. a3 b2 c1

Q2. a3  b2 c1 

Q3. a2 b3 c1

Q4. a3 b2 c1 

Q5. a3 b2 c1

Q6. a1 b2 c3

Q7 a1 b3 c2

Q8. a3 b2 c1

Q9. A3 b2 c1 

Q10 a1 b3 c2


25 – 30: Extremely lucky

Lucky you! Most of the time, things go your way. That’s because your open mind and easy going nature help attract luck. It’s not that you expect to be lucky – but you don’t expect to be unlucky either! You also know that luck isn’t just about winning. It’s about appreciating what you have, including your good health and the love in your life. And you do.  

20 – 24: Frequently lucky

You have a casual attitude to luck or the lack of it and just take things as they come. Others probably see you as more lucky than you see yourself. You may not win every competition but you may well be lucky in love and have good health. You also certainly also win your fair share of competitions.

14-19: Occasionally Lucky 

You may not be as lucky as you’d like but you are never ungrateful for any windfall that comes your way. The occasional win is enough to keep you going. You might want to try some more positive thinking or some affirmations to attract more luck and build on what you already have.

10-13: Rarely Lucky 

You don’t win often but then again, you don’t gamble much either. Practical and straightforward, you prefer to hold on to what you have. You tend to see the world in a black and white way and can be dismissive of frivolity. Don’t be afraid to take a chance every now and then – on love as well as luck!

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