96 years young – Happy birthday Vegemite!

Hitting the shelves in 1923, Vegemite is well and truly a household staple.

Hitting shelves in 1923, Fred Walker Company (now Kraft Food Company) spent almost a year perfecting the formula we know today as the trusty Aussie favourite Vegemite.

Originally labelled as ‘Pure Vegetable Extract’ the loved red and yellow label it now a household staple.

Take a look at Vegemite’s first TV commercial.

From being a hot commodity during WWII and being rationed to the unofficial national anthem Happy Little Vegemites, the spread has a part in every Aussie’s Heart.

Over the year’s families have shared their favourite ways to eat this delicious spread with many ways certainly turning heads.

*Banana and Vegemite

*Honey and Vegemite

*Avocado and Vegemite

*Cheese and Vegemite

Whilst we have our favourites Vegemite has also shared some of their recipes:

With Vegemite a spread that everyone has on hand – it has became quite the tool for chefs to whip up quick, easy and yummy treats!

With 22 million jars of the spread sold every year it is well and truly a nationwide favourite.

Happy 96th birthday Vegemite!

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