Pink Velvet Cake

Perfect for Mother's Day.

The Gallaghers Group have partnered with The McGrath Foundation for Mother’s Day – whereby $5 from every dessert sold on Sunday will be donated to the McGrath foundation to help raise funds for breast cancer treatment and research. 

Venues supporting this initiative will include, PJ Entertainment Quarter, Mr G’s Double Bay, Criterion Hotel, Hunters Hill Hotel, Terrigal Hotel and The Union North Sydney. 



250g unsalted butter
550g caster sugar
5 eggs
30g food colouring
60g cocoa powder
370g plain flour
250g butter milk
2 vanilla beans pods
Pinch of salt
5g bicarb soda
20g white vinegar


Cream cheese 150g
Fresh cream 30g
Sugar 20g
Pink colouring 1Tsp 


Unsalted butter 250g
Icing sugar 500g 
Milk 10g 
Dash of vanilla bean essence
Pink colouring 1tsp


Red velvet cake base

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.

  1. Step 1. In a large bowl add your butter and sugar. Whisk both together until creamy and fluffy in texture. 

    Step 2. Separate all your egg yolks from the white, and put them to the side in separate bowls.

    Step 3. Add your egg yolks into the butter mix (Step1) one by one and mix well after each addition. 

    Step 4. Once finished, add buttermilk and colouring into the mix and beat well.

    Step 5. Mix the bicarb with vinegar and beat the egg until it’s soft in texture.  

    Step 6. Take the cocoa power and flour and add into the butter & egg mixture and fold it gently. Then add the bicarb/vinegar mix and stir.

    Step 7. Add the egg whites into the mixture and fold gently. 

    Step 8. Pour the mix on the baking tray and bake it for approx 30 to 35 mins  

    Cream filling  

    Step 1. Whisk the cream cheese until soft then add fresh cream and sugar. 

    Step 2. Add pink colouring and stir well. 

    Step 3. Leave the cream filling in a fridge to rest. 

    Pink icing 

    Step 1. Whip the butter until fluffy and add icing sugar.

    Step 2. Add the milk & vanilla bean essence then stir it. 

    Step 3. Add pink colouring and mix well.

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