People are FREAKING OUT over this insanely fast way to peel garlic

Oh, all the hours we've wasted!
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In further proof even the most mundane things can go viral, a simple video of a chef cutting garlic has blown the minds of internet users everywhere.

The genius hack shows the chef using a tiny knife to stab the garlic, twisting it to remove the fully-peeled cloves in an instant.

As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!’ Twitter user @VPestilenZ wrote.

The 25-second clip quickly attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of amateur cooks who admitted they never knew the proper way to peel the popular onion.

‘What kind of sorcery is this?!’ one shocked person wrote. 

Dozens of cooking fans expressed disappointment in spending so much of their lives peeling garlic slowly and painstakingly. 

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‘I’m 33 years old. I’ve lost no less than 4 years of my life peeling garlic. It’s too late for me. I hope younger generations can benefit,’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘Not sure how I never knew about this. I lament when I consider how much more garlic I could have used during all these years had I only known of this technique,’ another said.

Naturally, internet sleuths were also quick to poke holes in the new garlic peeling method.

‘We have tried it in our office and it DOES NOT WORK!’ one journalist emphatically tweeted. 

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