Half hamburger, half hotdog – meet the Hamdog

The latest Aussie food creation - would you eat this culinary mashup?

A Perth man has successfully patented a cross between a hamburger and a hotdog – dubbed the “Hamdog”.

This genius idea first appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank last year by a name named Mark Murray, after successfully securing a US patent for the “combination hamburger hot dog bread bun” in 2009.

After partnering with show mentor Andrew Banks, Mark chose Perth as the first stage roll-out of pop-up food stalls, mobile food vans, and has now approved a limited number of food venues to resell Hamdogs.

Mark is currently inviting people to buy into his business (via Gumtree) so the Hamdog can be sold around Australia and America. For $20,000 you can resell the product, with your own Hamdog marquee.

The diabolical dish consists of a Bunbury beef patty cut in half, with a Hunsa frankfurt inserted in the middle. It’s topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and three sauces – American mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise. It currently runs to the princely sum of $8 in its lone Bunbury location.

You can track the progress of the Hamdog as it slowly takes over the world via its Facebook.

This article first appeared on 7Travel.

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