Wedding guest accused of upstaging bride in dress that ‘looks like lingerie’

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A woman has been slammed on the internet for upstaging the bride with her outfit choice which was described as looking ‘like lingerie,’ 

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a user shared a picture of the woman who was pictured in a revealing red lace dress. 

Along with the photo, they wrote, ‘Hot wedding guests but talk about stealing attention from the bride with that sheer dress.’ 

Many were quick to respond to the image, criticizing the woman for her frock that was deemed to be ‘too hot.’ 

‘That dress is too hot for a wedding,’ one person wrote. 

While another commented, ‘OOF, someone is making a STATEMENT with that dress. 

One user complimented the woman’s physique, but speculated about potential animosity between the bride and guest. 

‘If I had a bod like that, I’d dress like that every damn day. However, I feel like she’s gotta have some beef with the bride,’ they wrote. 

Someone else said, ‘This seems a little inappropriate for a family gathering. You have to dress for the event. It’s a nice dress but not the right place to wear it.’ 

Agreeing, another typed, ’If the top part wasn’t sheer it would be okay for a wedding.’ 

One person simply stated the dress ‘looks like lingerie.’ 

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