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Young nurse dies in scary bungee jumping accident

Authorities are investigating her death.

American nurse Ciara Romero tragically fell to her death on January 4 in a horror bungee jumping accident in Grand Junction, Colorado.  

Now, authorities are searching for answers after an investigation found the device used was functioning properly.

As Fox News reports, 20-year-old Romero fell while taking part in a 21m at bungee-jump feature at Get Air at the at the Silo Trampoline Park.

Those using the jump climb onto a silo tower, move to a wooden platform and jump off while harnessed to a rope.

According to The Daily Sentinel, an investigation is now underway into other factors that could have caused Romero’s death.

“We’re looking at all possible causes,” the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment spokeswoman Cher Haavind explained. 

“This is extremely rare, which is why the investigation is taking longer.”

The indoor recreation company, Get Air, said it “feels deep sorrow and profound sympathy for (Romero’s) family and friends in their loss, and expresses its sincere condolences to them”.

“We are fully cooperating with the Grand Junction Police Department, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Colorado State regulatory agencies in their investigations of the incident,” the company added in a statement.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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