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Why this egg is the most liked photo on Instagram

The egg is officially more popular than Kylie Jenner!
Instagram: world_record_egg

In some more unusual news, it seems a group of egg lovers has had enough of Kylie Jenner holding the coveted title of most liked Instagram photo, and in a move both hilarious and spiteful, the unknown poultry fans decided to topple the reality star with one a single and glorious photo. 

The Instagram account titled ‘world_record_egg’ officially became the new record holder for the most liked photo on Instagram, after a tireless campaign to dethrone the reality TV star. The acocunt was created with the sole purpose of beating Kylie, and the account features just one photo, an egg.

As of Sunday, the egg passed Kylie’s photo, with the number of likes still steadily rising. 

Kylie’s once winning photo has an impressive 18,186,810 likes on Instagram, and is a sweet shot of baby Stormi clasping her mumma’s thumb.

Congratulations to the Egg on a very well deserved win. 

This article originally appeared in New Idea

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