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Woman’s SHOCK discovery in bag of Woolworths mixed nuts

She described it as her 'worst nightmare'

A woman has spoken out about her ‘worst nightmare’ after discovering a moth in a packet of Woolworths unsalted mixed nuts. 

Marie Bennetti spoke to Yahoo News Australia about the incident, explaining, ‘As my hubby and I were eating the nuts, he pulled out a dead moth.’ 

She added, ‘I was absolutely terrified of any type of moth. I screamed and shuddered at the very thought of me pulling it out of the bag.’ 

Ms Bennetti took a photo of dead insect surrounded by a handful of the supermarket’s own brand nuts, which were purchased from Cowes Woolworths, Victoria. 

She said how months are her biggest phobia, saying, ‘Lucky that I wasn’t the one who’s hand it was in because I would’ve had nightmares. 

Yahoo News Australia

‘I would’ve had a heart attack if I had even touched that moth let alone put in my mouth, which my hubby almost did.’ 

Woolworths apologised to Ms Bennetti and offered her a full refund to make up for the incident. 

They told Yahoo News Australia it was an isolated incident and assured Ms Bennetti they would investigate to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

A spokesperson said, ‘We are not aware of any further reports of a similar nature at this time. 

‘At Woolworths we take food safety and quality very seriously, we’ve contacted the customer to apologise and arranged a full refund.’

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