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Woman Pops 20-Year-Old Cyst On Live TV

Warning: this content isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Desiree had a large growth on the back of her head for the over 20 years.

The growth was diagnosed as a Pilar cyst, or benign (noncancerous) growth which is believed to have formed when she hit her head as a teenager. Dr Sanda Lee explained that these growths are common and often run in families.

The American woman had the egg-sized cyst, which she affectionately named, Arthur, popped on a live medical TV show in the US.

(Credit: YouTube)

“It was easy to conceal until it ballooned in the past year.”

“Every hour I am constantly asking my husband that it isn’t popping out, it makes me extremely insecure.” She opened up about her anxiety over the cyst and how she would try and conceal the growth she’s had since she was a teen by styling her hair to one side.

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