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Australia’s worst drivers revealed in study

And it's probably not who you think!

A study has revealed that middle-aged men are the most dangerous drivers on the road.

The research, by the NSW Centre for Road Safety, showed men aged 30-49 were the most likely to take risks behind the wheel, with offences including speeding, not wearing a seat belt and drink driving.

This age group were also the most likely to lose their life in road accidents, with 157 men in this age bracket dying in a car crash in 2015 and 2016, compared with 101 men aged 17-25.

Middle-aged men have even overtaken teenagers as the most dangerous drivers.

Executive director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon told the Daily Telegraph that older male drivers were taking unnecessary risks.

He said: ‘They definitely think that their skill and ability is going to mitigate against those risks. But the reality is when they make the mistake and there is an impact, and they are travelling 20km/h faster than they should be.’

The study also found that men were much more likely to drive recklessly when travelling alone, but put safety first when driving with their children.

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