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7 techfails to make you CRINGE

These days it’s impossible to get by without relying on the latest gadgets. They may make life easier but sometimes they can land us in some pretty awkward situations. Here, a few brave souls admit to some of the most mortifying mishaps ever!
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Mum Vs Mechanic

‘My mum was having a rough time so I texted her a heartfelt message – There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.

But I accidentally hit the wrong name and ended up sending my sentimental sentence to Mazda roadside assistance!

I cried tears of laughter when I realised but I hope it brightened the day of whoever received it.’

Like, literally…

‘I was on the phone trying to help my dad with a computer problem and directed him to move the mouse to the top of the screen.

There was a long pause and I heard a tapping noise in the background.

When I asked Dad what was going on, he chuckled and explained he’d taken my advice a bit too literally, placing the actual mouse on top of his computer.

I haven’t let him live it down ever since!’

Mode mistake

‘My friend was flying home from a holiday and her dad agreed to pick her up.

She told him she’d call him when she landed to figure out the best meeting place at the airport.

Her dad arrived early and thinking he was doing the right thing, he set his phone to ‘airplane mode’.

Little did he know it meant he couldn’t make or receive any calls!

As a result, his daughter ended up wandering through the terminal for hours.

When they were finally reunited, my friend was incredibly annoyed but months later, the mishap still has them both chuckling!’

Text regret

Heard about the prankster in Canada who decided to text I hid the body, now what? to a random number.

Well, turns out it wasn’t the smartest move.

They were hoping to cause some mischief and maybe receive a funny text back.

Unfortunately the person they randomly texted happened to be a detective.

The prankster was extensively questioned by the police and released with a warning.

Errr… Surprise!

‘With my best friend’s 30th birthday coming up, her boyfriend called me to help him organise a surprise party.

He’d worked out a rough plan and wanted me to ask everyone to save the date.

So I sent out a group email, letting all our mates know what was happening and warning them not to spoil the secret.

But to my horror, I’d included my best friend in the list of recipients!

I was in her boyfriend’s bad books after that and instead of a surprise bash, we ended up simply celebrating the milestone over dinner.


Code or conduct?

‘Someone from the IT department was updating my office computer using remote access.

I was watching the progress on the screen when suddenly he started typing: ‘SGKLK834YW98’

I was quite impressed by the complicated computer language until my phone rang.

It was the IT man asking me to stop leaning on the keyboard!’

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Classified info

British schoolgirl Claire McDonald was put in an awkward situation when she began to receive numerous emails a week from the Pentagon containing sensitive government information.

Her mother tried to alert the US government to the mistake but it continued for months.

Claire had been accidentally added to a group email list instead of an IT specialist who had a similar email address.

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