Sister’s SHOCK wedding ban: ‘No fatties allowed!’


When sisters Donna and Amanda Robinson attended a wedding in June 2018, they couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Donna, 35, and Amanda, 33, had always loved food and spent their childhood treating themselves to lollies, chocolate and takeaway whenever their pocket money allowed.

Now, as adults, and after having two children each, they were both unhappy with their weight.

Donna weighed 116kg and Amanda 108kg. And at the wedding, they were both wearing the same old frumpy dresses they wore for every special occasion.

‘Shopping for clothes was too depressing,’ Donna said.

Donna (left), and Amanda (right).
Donna (left), and Amanda (right). (Credit: Facebook)

When even hitting the dance floor made them self-conscious, they swore to never put themselves in that position again.

Soon after, their cousin Euan announced he was getting married the following year.

‘Right, we have until then to lose weight,’ Amanda insisted. 

‘There will be no fatties at this wedding.’

Donna and Amanda started attending a slimmers’ group and eating healthily. They exercised together and even bought themselves bicycles.

Soon, Donna had lost 37kg and Amanda 25kg.

Proud of their efforts, the sisters started looking for dresses to wear to the wedding.

Donna fell for a pretty pink number but it was only available in a size 12.

‘You’re almost there,’ Amanda encouraged.

By the time the wedding rolled around, Donna had reached her goal of 76kg and her dress fit perfectly. Amanda was a size 12 too.

The sisters at their cousin's wedding.
The sisters at their cousin’s wedding. (Credit: Facebook)

As they tore up the dance floor at the reception the sisters marvelled at how much had changed since the last wedding.

‘I told you there’d be no fatties at the wedding!’ Amanda laughed.

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