School lunchbox sparks furious debate amongst mums

It's caused a stir online

An Aussie mum has left parents divided after she shared a photo of her teenage son’s school lunch.

Sharing the photo to the Aldi Mums Facebook page, the Victorian woman revealed that her 17-year-old boy is ‘always hungry’.

‘The contents of a growing boys snack/lunch bag for school. If I could fit more in i would as he NEVER stops eating!’ she captioned the photo.

The array of assorted snacks in the image include two sandwiches, two nectarines, an apple, two bananas, two muesli bars, a packet of flavoured chickpeas, three pre-packaged cheese snacks, two mini muffins, a box of almonds and four snap-lock bags of carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Facebook: Aldi Mums
(Facebook: Aldi Mums)

The seemingly-innocent image was posted to a private Facebook group where Australian mums share their finds from the budget supermarket chain ALDI.

However, many users were quick to comment that the mum was over-feeding her child.

‘That would be my kids lunch/recess for a week, one person wrote.

‘He eats more than me over two days,’ commented another.

A third person agreed that the mum was making ‘healthy choices’ but added that it was ‘far too much food’.

However, many mums leapt to the woman’s defence, with one claiming ‘those questioning the amount of food obviously don’t have teenage boys that are active.’

‘What an awesome mum you are. That looks like a fantastic assortment of food for your growing boy and all healthy. You’re doing an amazing job,’ praised another.

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