Paedophile COMPLAINS his sentence is stopping him finding love online after he molested his OWN DAUGHTER

He claimed it's 'hindering' his chances at finding romance

A convicted paedophile has claimed that his obligation to report his criminal history to the parents of children he meets is preventing him from finding love.

The 58-year-old man, who has name suppression, was given a 12-month suspended sentence in 2003 for indecently assaulting his daughter, aged nine at the time.

Under the Child Sex Offenders Registration Act, he is also required to tell an adult of his offences if he makes contact with children and report any change in personal circumstances to police.

Last year the man applied to the Supreme Court to remove these obligations to ensure they don’t ‘hinder the development of a relationship’.

As part of the application, the man was required to undergo an interview with a psychologist, during which he revealed he had been using the online dating website RSVP since 2013.

The website use was reported to police who investigated and charged the offender with breaching his reporting obligations as he hadn’t disclosed his attempts at dating to police. 

Justice Greg Parker refused the man’s application due to the breach. He was convicted in November 2019 and fined $200.

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