Neighbour leaves ruthless note to mum about her disabled child’s ‘high-pitched squealing’

She's asked others how she should respond

A fed-up neighbour has caused outrage after sending a letter to his neighbour complaining about her disabled son’s ‘high-pitch squealing’.

In the letter, the neighbour threatened to keep a ‘daily noise diary’ and send the results to their local council if the mother couldn’t keep a handle on her son.

‘Please find this letter as part of the noise complaint process required by council to raise and address the issue of the family noise, particularly the high-pitched screaming and squealing from your children from your residence,’ it read.

‘While we understand children can be noisy at times, for many months the screaming has gotten worse and is constant which is causing neighbourhood fatigue and impacting daily living,’ it continued.

‘It would be greatly appreciated if your noise disturbance can improve and to not have to take this complaint further,’ it ended.

(Credit: Facebook)

The author then explained that they were providing the woman an opportunity to improve the situation before they begun recording in a daily noise diary that would then be handed into the council for investigation into the matter.

Sharing the note online, the furious mum asked members of Facebook on how she should respond.

‘Please give me an idea how to respond correctly to this letter without using the colourful words I’m thinking of,’ she wrote.

Many users leapt to the woman’s defence, with one person labelling her neighbour ‘awful’.

‘I would respond with the disability discrimination act. Print it out and put it in an envelope and stick it in mail boxes,’ she added.

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