Mum with newborn comes back to her car to find a vile note left on it

So rude

A 19-year-old mum with a newborn baby has been insulted in a vile note left on her car.

The unnamed woman was at Westfield’s Carousel shopping centre in Cannington, WA, when she parked her car with P-plates on in a space dedicated to ‘parents with prams’.

On returning to her car, she found a rude note left on her windscreen by a fellow mum.

‘Thanks c*** face,’ read the note. ‘Parents with prams is for parents with babies, not for p-platers who think the world owes them something.’

The note left on the new mum’s car.

After sharing the note online, the 19-year-old mum then wrote a dignified response to the mum who’d been so rude to her.

‘To the lovely lady who left this on my car at Carousel shopping centre, I’m going to say you just couldn’t see the capsule base in the back of my car,’ she wrote. 

‘The capsule was removed from my car meaning it would have looked like I didn’t have a baby seat.

‘It’s Christmas time and we are all frustrated but think she definitely needs to understand they are only courtesy parks and therefore actually anyone can park there.’ 

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