Mum ‘nearly gags’ at ‘disgusting’ birthday cake covered in mould

She had only bought the cake two days ago

A mum has caused a social media storm after sharing snaps of her store-bought cake that was filled with mould.

Taking to Facebook, the Sydney-based mum explained how she’d purchased the sponge from Michael’s Patisserie in the city’s southwest, planning to serve it two days later.

She wrote, ‘My husband bought me a cake from Michaels Patisserie…on Friday the 21/2  late in the afternoon. We cut into the cake Sunday night and this is what we found.’

Underneath the pretty pink icing, was a sponge covered in mould.

She continued, ‘Apparently it was a vanilla sponge cake. I nearly gagged when I placed it on my plate and dust came from it.

‘It completely broke apart as if nothing was holding together but the icing.’

Just two days before, the mum and her 11-month-old daughter had even sampled the icing.

Mouldy cake from Michael's Patisserie
(Credit: Facebook)

The mum explained that she contacted the owner who ‘didn’t apologise,’ but she was offered a refund.

But the woman took it further, contacting the retail good group that the cake brand belongs to. They offered her a refund and $50 voucher.

Many were shocked at the post, describing the cake as ‘disgusting.’

One person wrote, ‘That’s seriously disgusting! I can’t stop looking at it and at the same time I don’t want to look at it coz it’s f***ing yuk man.’

Another said, ‘That’s absolutely feral.’

Someone else typed, ‘Every time I see this, I throw up a little.’

Mouldy cake bought from Michael's Patisserie
(Credit: Facebook) reached out to Michael’s Patisserie who said the incident was a ‘one off isolated occurrence.

‘This cake was delivered by the supplier to the store less than 24 hours before it was sold. It was already fully decorated meaning the store owner was unable to see the inside of the cake before it was sold.

‘Despite this cake being a popular product with hundreds sold every day, there have been no incidents identified in the network.

‘Our number one priority remains customer safety and quality and we are working with this supplier to ensure that this does not happen again.’

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