Mum accused of ‘asking girlfriend to douse baby son in gasoline and burn him to death’

She's due to go to trial in January 2020

A mum has been accused of asking her girlfriend to douse her baby with gasoline and burn him to death.

According to reports, The State of Louisiana has applied for Hannah Nicole Barker to be executed if she is convicted of the murder of six-month-old Levi 2018.

Barker, 23, was arrested last year on the suspicion of asking her girlfriend, Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 26, to kill her son.

Last July, the mum of Natchitoches, Louisiana, dialed 911 to report Levi missing.

Barker claimed that he had been kidnapped by two people, who had knocked on her door and sprayed pepper spray in her face.

An hour after police received the call, a woman driving spotted a fire on a hill, next to a railroad track.

It’s claimed that Smith followed Barker’s requested of dousing Levi with gas and setting him alight, before going to work.

The Alexandaria Town Talk reported that four days later, both Smith and Barker were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Levi was found with third-degree burns covering 90 per cent of his body and died the next day. 

Last September, a local fire marshall lieutenant told a judge in court that Barker and Smith were romantically involved, but that Smith was more interested in pursuing things than Barker. 

The Metro reported that Barker told officials she was was only with Smith for money and attention. 

Barker’s attorneys said there is no evidence to prove this.

Her trial will take place in January 2020.

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