NSW Mum discovered maggot in her sausage

She had just finished feeding her daughter

A concerned NSW Mum has shared her horrible experience with the supermarket chain Coles online.

Venting her disgust Brooke Gale purchased the Coles Honey sausages with the expiration date 18/8/19.

Cooking them up Brooke fed a sausage to her daughter before breaking one open to eat herself.

That’s when she discovered a maggot crawling in between the meat.

‘Absolutely disgusting,’ she wrote on Coles Facebook page.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia the Mum was furious at the situation.

‘I had to look twice because I was like ‘oh wow what the hell’! My daughter had an upset belly all night,’ Brooke told Yahoo News.  

Coles instantly responded to her post asking for the Mum to message them privately to sort out the situation.

‘We’re concerned to see your unpleasant discovery in out Honey Sausages as we have strict quality controls to ensure that this doesn’t occur,’ A Cole’s spokesperson wrote on her post.

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