Psychic says: ‘William Tyrrell is alive.’

US psychic says she has 'seen' William Tyrrell in Western Australia.
Source: Facebook

Pam Coronado, a well-known psychic from America, has come out claiming she has ‘seen’ missing Aussie boy William Tyrrell.

Three-year-old William Tyrrell disappeared from outside of his grandmother’s home on the mid-north coast of NSW nearly five years ago and hasn’t been seen since.

Sparking a nationwide search for the little boy who was last seen in a Spider Man outfit this case has everyone asking – where is William?

Pam Coronado
Pam Coronado (Source: Facebook)

Pam Coronado became a household name in the late 1990s after she dreamt of the location of a missing woman and after working closely with the Californian police they successfully located her.

During a University lecture in the States an Australian student asked if she knew anything about the September 2014 missing person case, William Tyrrell.

During the recorded lecture Pam admits she has never even been to Australia but admitted to tune into William.

‘I expected him to not be alive,’ Pam told True Crime Australia ‘I kept feeling it was Western Australia, but it wasn’t clear for me.’

Continuing, Pam went on to explain in her vision William was wearing a navy blue school uniform and was with a man who looked similar to him.

‘He seemed happy and it felt like the person he was with he felt happy and safe with,’ she said.

In her profession for over 20 years Pam said she often gets requests from family members wanting to connect with loved ones.

Police are still yet to comment on Pam’s statement as the inquest into William’s disappearance is still ongoing.

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