Heartless mum killed her three-year-old boy so she could go on holiday

She's been sentenced to 33 years in jail

An evil mum who killed her three-year-old boy so she could go on holiday, has been sent to 33 years in jail.

Chiara Pasic murdered her son, Denis, and was convicted in April 2018, receiving a 33-year jail sentence.

Pasic had appealed the sentence, claiming it was ‘too harsh’ but recently lost this.

According to The Mirror, the 33-year-old mum suffocated the toddler with a pillow, before heartlessly dumping his body in a harbour in Croatia – just because she wanted to take a trip to Macedonia.

Court reports stated Pasic showed no emotion as she was sentenced to over three decades in prison and two years in a psychiatric institution.

It’s reported that a teenage accomplice was also sentenced to three years in a Croatian youth detention centre.

The 15-year-old girl had reportedly assisted Pasic by holding a pillow over Denis’ face while Pasic stopped him moving his arms and feet.

Once she had discarded the boy’s body, she called police, claiming her son was missing and was last seen at a children’s park.

Suspicions were raised and within hours Pasic had admitted to the murder, showing police where her boy’s body had been disposed.

According to reports, The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia said Pasic showed such planning, persistence and ruthlessness in committing the murderer her sentence was justified.

The country’s highest court dismissed Pasic’s appeal as unfounded and reportedly upheld the second instance-judgement, confirming her 33-year sentence.

Local media say she will be unable to appeal against the judgement of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia.

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