Disappointed children left in tears over ’empty advent calendars’

Parents have hit out at Cadbury's on social media

Children have reportedly been left in tears after a handful of Cadbury’s advent calendars were found to be missing their chocolates.

Furious parents have taken to social media over the error, saying their tots have been disappointed by their annual choccy treat.

One dad from the UK said his excited son peeled open the first door of his calendar on December 1, only to find it empty.

He shared a photo of the product and wrote: “My lad opened his advent calendar and there’s no chocolate.

“Opened the back and it’s empty.”

Fellow parent Jennifer Wearing was also frustrated over the lack of chocolate in her daughter’s calendar.

She wrote on Twitter: “My daughter was very upset to find door 4 of her Cadbury tower advent calendar empty today – hope this isn’t going to be a regular occurrence. Very disappointing.”

It’s not just children who have been affected after another woman took to Twitter with similar claims.

Becky Walsh posted: “So I opened the first door of the advent calendar earlier, only to find no chocolate.

“Took the whole thing out and discovered… THERE’S NO CHOCOLATE AT ALL.”

In response to the disappointed customers, Cadbury’s has advised them to contact their team through the company’s Twitter channels.

A spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear about the issues some of our fans are facing with chocolate missing from inside the Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar, the Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar and Cadbury Dairy Milk Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar, and would like to reassure people that quality is of paramount importance to us.

“We encourage any customers who have received an advent calendar that is not up to standard to speak to our customer care team as soon as possible.”

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