The ultimate cat napper

What a great man!
Source: Facebook / Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

When 75-year-old Terry Lauerman walked into his local animal shelter, staff had no idea what to expect.

He explained that he was retired an would love to volunteer at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary – a shelter that rescues cats with disabilities.

What makes Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary so unique is that most animal shelters euthanise animals that present obvious disabilities and deformities because re-homing them is difficult – SHPS give these cats a chance to live their best life in their care. 

Homing pets with missing eyes, limbs and other disabilities the rescue ensure these kitties have the best possible life.

They are strictly a no kill shelter.

‘I would like to brush cats,’ Terry told the rescue group.

And of course, they welcomed Terry onboard.

Living close by Terry would walk to the sanctuary every now and then brushing the cats in his free time.

Soon he was able to tell the staff the likes and dislikes of every cat in the shelter!

Eventually Terry was coming in everyday to just keep the cats company, but it’s sometimes such hard work that Terry nods off!

Staff captured him dozing around the shelter cuddled up to the cats after a hard shift of brushing.

Posting the snaps online everyone was quick to commend Terry on his incredible work.

‘Terry is a wonderful volunteer,’ staff said.

Nicknaming him the cat-napper or the cat grandpa Terry is a huge hit with everyone – cats included!

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