Wads of cash spilled out along the freeway

It's raining cash!
Source: Reddit u/tribat_1 / Facebook Dunwoody Police Department

Running out of their cars people were running along the freeway jumping up and down.

Motorists in Atlanta dove out of their cars as money floated along the road.

At 8pm cars began pulling into the shoulder to grab the money that was spread across the busy stretch of freeway.

Contacting the WBS Radio a commuter said  ‘I saw a bunch of paper floating around in the road and everybody pulling over on the shoulder, and as I got closer I noticed it was all just cash.’

When authorities arrived they quickly located an armored car pulled over on the shoulder along with the motorists.

The staff from the van explained the side door had slid open during their drive and spilled cash onto the road.

Cash flew out of the van for many meters along the freeway as commuters stuffed their pockets full of bills!

According to Georgia law it is an offence if a person takes mislaid or lost property and knows it has been mislaid or lost.

Capturing footage of the incident police have since said that they will be reviewing that and identifying drivers from their license plates who took the money.

A total of $175k was collected by motorists and police are urging those to return it and said if you come forward you will not be arrested. 

People have since returned their wads of cash they picked up and police are thanking the public for their honesty.

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