Cadbury tweaks classic Dairy Milk recipe

The new recipe is to make the bar healthier

Fans are wondering how it will taste

Chocolate giant Cadbury has tweaked its classic Dairy Milk recipe to cut the amount of sugar in the sweet treat.

The new version will have 30 per cent less sugar than the original, using a type of fibre to replace some of the sweet stuff while maintaining the familiar texture and taste.

The new bars are launching in the UK, but Cadbury Australia has hinted healthier offerings could be coming to our shores soon.

A spokesperson told the company recognized that consumers are becoming more focused on ‘wellbeing and food choices.’

‘So in line with this we are working on healthier snacking options for Aussies right now,’ they said.

The low-sugar version will be sold alongside the traditional recipe, meaning shoppers can choose how to indulge in a chocolate treat.

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