Bloke schedules back-to-back dates in same bar, so ladies DITCH HIM and become mates!

Sweet revenge

When Lisette Pylant went on a blind date in August 2017, she arranged to meet the guy at a Washington DC bar where her friends Kyle and Katrina worked.

So 45 minutes in his next date shows up because he double books himself and he decides he’s going to friendzone me to get out of the situation, Lisette wrote on Twitter.

Not wanting date number two to feel awkward, Lisette played along until the guy left the table, then proceeded to fill her in.

That’s when date number three arrived.

The girls decided to work together to teach the wannabe Casanova a lesson.

Lisette, date No. 2 and date No. 3, engaged the guy in conversation and ordered multiple drinks before promptly walking out, leaving him with the bill.

Going to a bar next door, the duped-dates were still in shock over the guy’s brazen tactics when Lisette received a text message from her friend Kyle saying date number four had just sat down!

While one of the girls raced back to the bar to rescue No. 4, Kyle managed to intercept date No. 5, who immediately became part of Lisette’s group.

With date No. 4 joining them also, the girls all bonded over their shared outrage.

I’m stealing his dates and making them my friends! Lisette wrote under a photo of the group.

It wasn’t long before Katrina sent Lisette a photo she’d taken of herself with unfortunate date number six.

'Date six' with Lisette
‘Date six’ with Lisette (Credit: Twitter)

The tribe is growing! Katrina wrote.

When Lisette later confronted the guy about his back-to-back dating schedule, he claimed he was a project manager and liked to use his time efficiently.

‘I seem to have the world’s worst dating luck,’ Lisette told Mashable.

‘But I’m glad I was able to make some new friends out of the situation!’

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