93-year-old woman goes viral with hilarious ‘I need beer’ request

So funny!

93-year-old woman has gone viral with her hilarious sign announcing she needs more beer. 

Oliva Veronesi from Pittsburgh, US, was photographed sitting by her window clutching a sign that read, ‘I need more beer!!’ alongside a can of the drink. 

A relative captured the funny moment, as Ms Veronesi made the request to her daughters and neighbours outside. 

Speaking with publication KDKAMs Veronesi said, ‘I have a beer every night. I got some in there now. You want one?’ 

Like many other elderly people, Ms Veronesi is currently self-isolating due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The comical snap was shared by thousands across the world. 

One person wrote, ‘Love you to bits all the way from England.’ 

While another quipped, ‘Oh okay a 93-year-old does it and it’s funny and heartwarming but when I do it I’m an alcoholic.’ 

KDKA also reported that Ms Veronesi is due to get her booze wish made true very soon.

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