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What your favourite drink says about your personality

Your choice is revealing.


Easy going, things tend to work out for you. You work hard, but your cash goes out as fast as it comes in. You buy lottery tickets and scratchies and win small amounts.


You’re generally happy and vaguely dissatisfied at the same time. You’re ambitious but don’t feel that lucky. You’re self-aware, arty, possessive, romantic, and love to talk.



You like comfort and romance. You love real fires but don’t like making them. You secretly enjoy Disney movies. You love children, kissing, and Thai food. You organise get-togethers.


You come into your own at night. You dominate the dance floor and love the company of your girlfriends. You love chocolate and are likely to marry more than once.


You see your whole life as a special occasion. You’re bossy and don’t tolerate fools. You like nice shoes, handbags, and weekends away. You prefer quality over quantity.

Rum and Coke

The life of the party, you love to talk and to dance. You like watching comedies and real life shows on TV. You’re a bit psychic and have seen a ghost.

Bloody Mary

Variety and spice, in your drinks, food and life, are what you thrive on. You enjoy movies and socialising but need time alone to recuperate. You have a wicked sense of humour.

Gin and tonic

An old soul, you can hold your liquor. You’re an intellectual and like deep conversation. You like to read but often don’t bother to finish books. You once tried to write a novel.

Vodka tonic

Unfussy, you turn down sparkling water at restaurants in favor of tap. You eat fish. You run but don’t enjoy it. You like neutral colors and hate purple.

Whiskey, neat.

Despite wearing jeans and t-shirts, you look like you walked out of a catalogue. You’re careful about what you eat and good at what you do. You don’t sleep well.


Pimm’s Cup

You enjoy drinking but hate drunks. You spend a good deal of time thinking about what others should do. You love a good gossip and are very tidy.

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