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What do your moles reveal?

According to Chinese tradition, each prominent mole has a meaning. See what yours reveals


Lip: A mole at the side of the lips is regarded as very lucky and indicates wealth and a glamorous life. Marilyn Monroe had a mole here, as do Goldie Hawn and the supermodel Cindy Crawford.  If you have a mole above the top lip, this is referred to as ‘Descendants’ luck’ and indicates a stable family life. You will have many children and grandchildren and will be materially and emotionally fulfilled.

Chin: If at the bottom of your chin, this shows you have an eye for detail and enjoy travel. However, you may lack stability and are prone to changing jobs or moving often. A mole at the centre of the chin can indicate allergies.


Cheek: If at the centre of the cheek, be careful as your actions could ruin your good reputation! If it’s in the middle of the cheek, this can indicate a loner, or someone reluctant or unable to settle down to family life.

Nose: If at the tip, this can indicate sexual or relationship problems. If at the centre, this can indicate gambling or financial problems- so be warned!

Eyebrows: A mole between the eyebrows represents either fame – or infamy. You don’t  forgive or forget easily and will be remembered either as a great person –  or a bit of a tyrant! One above the eyebrow, as Angelina Jolie has, means you will have luck and money but will have to work hard for it.

On eyelid: Indicates difficulty holding onto money or conflicts with family.

Next to eye: Shows luck with money and good friends but you may need to exercise more judgement in matters of the heart. The Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn has a mole here.


Forehead: At the centre of forehead, this indicates problems with authority figures. If at the side of forehead, this means you love to travel but need to take care while doing so as you could be a little accident-prone!

Ear: If on the earlobe, this very lucky as it indicates prominence and wealth. One at the top of the ear indicates intelligence. Inside the ear indicates a long life.

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Chest: A red-tinged mole indicates passion, generosity and the ability to get on well with children. If on the breast, this indicates a motherly nature.

Bottom: A mole here shows enthusiasm, good social skills and luck with money.

Back: This indicates good communication skills.

Leg: One on the lower leg a mole shows responsibility and a hard working nature. If on the knee, you find it easy to make money. One on the thigh indicates someone who is bold, extrovert and highly sexed!

Navel:  A mole near the navel (especially with a red tinge) indicates wisdom and good fortune.

Shoulder: This indicates an argumentative nature and someone who has to work hard for their family.

Hand: Your skills will make you a lot of money.  Moles on the palm are considered particularly lucky.

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