The reasons why you should NEVER wear your shoes in the house

Four toe-curling reasons to leave your shoes at the door.

We’re all familiar with the homes that ban wearing shoes inside. Maybe you grew up in one, maybe your best friend did, maybe you live in one now.

If you don’t already take your shoes off  before going inside you will want to after reading these gross facts about treading your trainers around your house.


E Coli

E Coli is a nasty strain of bacteria that is found in all sorts of animal waste.

University of Arizona microbiologist and professor Kelly Reynolds told The Huffington Post that the floors of public loos, footpaths covered in bird droppings, or stepping in dog waste mean your shoes could be infected.

This bacteria is notorious for causing all sorts of illnesses – the least of which is diarrhoea and could be as bad as meningitis!

Definitely not something you want trodden through your carpets!


Other Bacteria

Along with E coli there are thousands of other nasties that could live on your shoes.

Kidspot report that C diff – a bacteria known to contribute to antibiotic resistance – is present on 39% of shoes, AND that shoes bring this bacteria into your house 90-99% of the time!


Toxic chemicals

We cover our lawns with pesticides, our roads with bitumen, drive cars that spew exhaust fumes, and then walk around in polluted air step in puddles that likely have oil and petrol in them.

All these things lead to toxic chemicals getting embedded in our clothes, and particularly on our shoes.

According to the Daily Mail, tracking chemicals inside from roads sealed with coal tar on our shoes can increase the risk of cancer.



If you weren’t convinced to kick your shoes off already, stepping into a house with your shoes is straight up messy.

It can be hard to keep floors and carpets clean if dirt-clogged trainers are dragging mud through the house.

And don’t forget babies – playing on the floor puts them and their toys closer to potentially risky areas, and we all know how keen they are to put things in their mouths!


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