The ex-files: nearly half of Aussie singles still carry torches for their old flames

Are you one of them?

Have you ever noticed how break-ups happen in waves? One couple calls it quits and not long after you hear about another, and another. Well turns out it might be the time of year. Spring is the most common time to break up with your significant other. Despite pulling the pin, however, a new study says a good number of us would take our exes back if we could.

The survey – conducted by EliteSingles – reveals some other interesting findings:

Nearly half of Aussies asked had been involved in ‘boomerang’ relationships – breaking up and then begging the person to take them back.

Another third of us regret breaking up with our former lovers, but men are more likely than women to feel this way.

Women turned out to be harsher than their male counterparts when it came to breaking up – over half said if it wasn’t working in the first 3 months they’d call it off.

So if you get dumped this Spring, don’t worry. They’ll probably want you back!

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