This is why your phone battery dies so quickly

... and how to stop it.

Are you convinced your phone battery doesn’t last as long as it used to? Well hold on to your hats because this may be the answer!

A British reporter for The Guardian has found that the more you connect to social media apps, the quicker your phone runs out of juice.

Inspired by a claim he saw online that uninstalling Facebook would make all other apps on your phone run 15% faster, he started looking into how using Facebook affected his Android device too. The result? Removing the app from his phone entirely actually gave him 20% more battery per day on average.

This is because even when you’re not scrolling through pictures of your ex-flatmate’s cousin’s trip to Bali it still uses up energy sitting in the background.

Good news is that if you do use the Facebook app a lot you can reclaim some battery with these tips:

The reporter recommends using Metal, an app that condenses Facebook and Twitter into one.

Also, logging into using your phone’s web browser can also save juice.

This article first appeared on FamousLive.

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