Why coffee shops might spell your name wrong *on purpose*

Did they mishear you? Or is a clever marketing ploy?

You know how baristas are ALWAYS spelling names as though they’ve never met another human being, or seen an alphabet before? If you’ve ever been to the coffee giant, Starbucks, I’m sure you’re aware of the situation.


Yes, there are a variety of ways to spell some names… but how do you get this for Selene?

Or hear ‘Glenda’ when they say ‘Lena’?

Sometimes it’s funny, sure. But it’s not funny when you’ve been standing around for ten minutes waiting for your coffee for ‘Eliza’ while the attendant yells out ‘Pam’!


Well, it turns out that the incorrect labels *might* be intentional.


A new conspiracy theory posted to YouTube has the internet all shook up, as it claims this random misspelling is actually a genius marketing ploy.


According to Super Deluxe, the company is hacking our love of social media and #StarbucksFails to gain free advertising from customers. Check it out…

This article originally published on FamousLive.

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