People with these jobs are the most likely to cheat

If they break your heart, don't say we didn't warn you

It might be hard to bite the bullet if you’re dating someone with one of these 10 professions, but facts are facts – they’re more likely to cheat on you.


Victoria Milan – a dating website for married people looking to have an affair – surveyed 5,658 of its female members to find out the professions with the most people going behind their partners’ backs


The finance industry ranked in top spot with 21% with pilots and flight attendants coming in a close second at 19%.


To put further doubt in innocent guys’ minds, healthcare professionals follow at 15% with office workers coming in at fourth place with 12%.


The CEO of Victoria Milan told The Mirror that many people were happy to take the risk of cheating simply because it makes their life more enjoyable.


‘The survey clearly shows that even though there’s a risk to your career, having an affair at work makes life a lot more pleasant.


‘At the same time, the majority of cheaters would steer clear of mixing work with pleasure – not because it damages their career, but because they are at risk of being found out, or will feel uncomfortable.’

Top 10 Jobs Most Likely To Cheat 

  1. Financial (Bankers, brokers, analysts, etc.) 21%
  2. Aviation (Pilots, flight attendants, flight pursers, etc.) 19%
  3. Healthcare (Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.) 15%
  4. Business (CEOs, managers, secretaries, etc.) 12%
  5. Sports (Athletes, instructors, representatives, etc.) 11%
  6. Arts (Musicians, models, actors, photographers, etc.) 7%
  7. Nightlife Industry (DJs, dancers, waiters, etc.) 6%
  8. Communication (Journalists, public relations, communicators, etc.) 5%
  9. Legal (Lawyers, secretaries, prosecutors, judges, etc.) 4%
  10. Other sectors 2%

Source: Men’s Health

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