The personality trait nail-biters tend to have in common

It's the opposite of what you'd think!

Ever wondered exactly why we bite our nails and why it is so darn hard to make it stop?

Well, researchers from the University of Montreal now have the answers as to why and apparently it’s related to our personalities – like all these studies!

The experiment revealed that nail biting is more likely to occur in ordinary situations rather than stressful ones. Which flips the image of a stressful nail-biter on its head.

Dr. Kieron O’Connor, the main author of the study stated, ‘We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviours may be perfectionistic, meaning that they are unable to relax and to perform task at a ‘normal’ pace.’

Sounds about right don’t it? No wonder why we bite them so much whilst at work! Just trying to be perfect and all!

Source: Women’s Health

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