Old man or young woman? What this pic reveals about your personality

The optical illusion that hides key insights into who you really are

Hidden among this carefully constructed bunch of black squiggles are two faces. According to Playbuzz, which one you see first can reveal a lot about your personality.

optical illustion young woman or old man
(Credit: Playbuzz)

If the first thing you notice is the round nose and moustache of an older man looking down to the right this means you could be described as a ‘calm and faithful’ person who is a ‘natural leader’.

People who see the man first are considered to carefully follow steps toward their goals and are unlikely to act on impulse.

It’s not all good news – these people are likely to also be perfectionists which can cause them to stress about things.

On the other hand if the delicate features of a young lady looking away to the right sprung out first you’re likely to be more optimistic.

People who noticed the young lady have strong conviction, are curious, and enjoy helping others.

Impulsive decisions can be a problem for these people though, and impetuousness can also arise.

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