The unbelievable moment this woman removed her wig on First Dates

Her date's reaction will make you melt.
First Dates/Channel Four

A contestant on UK’s First Dates suffering from alopecia whipped off her wig to unveil her gorgeous bald head covered in tattoos.

22-year-old Eve Betts told her date, Jordan, that she had alopecia from the age of three.

“I don’t have any hair. I have a wig,” she said, before removing her wig.

She then put her wig back on, saying: “It’s so annoying to put back on.”

Her date suggested she keep it off, prompting Eve to go to the bathroom and remove it.

“You look beautiful,” he said when she returned.

“Is this the weirdest date you’ve been on?”, she asked.

“It’s the best date I’ve been on,” he responded. “I like it a lot. You’re unique.”

(Credit: First Dates/Channel Four)

Eve opened up about what it was like growing up with alopecia.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to do beauty was because I went through school and I was bullied. I didn’t have any eyebrows,” she said.

“I don’t ever feel upset about it. [But] it’s really hard. My parents have to save really hard for me to have nice hair.

“My dad, he works so hard. He drew on my first set of eyebrows. I’d love somebody like my dad – a bit taller, but he’s got no hair like me, so somebody with a bit more hair to give our kids a chance.”

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