People with facial differences share their heartbreaking stories

‘You're too disgusting to look like that,’ Carly Findlay was told.

Seven Aussies with extreme facial deformities appeared on ABC’s You Can’t Ask Them That to share their experiences in a bid to break down stereotypes.

The guests were asked a range of questions that were sent in by the public, including, ‘What is wrong with you?’ to, ‘Do you wish you were dead?’

They each had a turn at sharing their experience of what it was like growing up with a facial deformity.

(Credit: ABC)
(Credit: ABC)

Carly Findlay, an advocate for diversity, has suffered from a skin condition her whole life.

She tells: ‘’I remember being in a pub once and a man came up to me and asked me ‘what’s wrong with you?’ and I said ‘nothing’ and he said ‘no no what is wrong with you, because you’re too disgusting to look like that’.”

Val, who has burns on 85 percent of her body, recalls a time she was bullied by strangers in public.

“I was heavily scarred at the time. These young boys were at the corner – I say young, late teens, should’ve known better,” she said.

“One of them yelled out, ‘Love your hat, lady!’ but in a very sarcastic way. Without thinking, I just yelled out, ‘Get f**ked!’ I was so proud of myself after.”

Twitter users applauded the guests for their honesty.

‘Strength, humour, bravery. Remarkable TV,’ wrote one.

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