Find the perfect dog for your family

How you can find a pooch suited to your needs.
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Are you looking to add a furry family member to your home but you’re not sure which breed is best for you? Find out which pup will be perfect for your living situation.

For families with young children: 

The best breeds for families depend on if you are an active family or not. If you’re active and tend to go on family outings a lot (to the beach or park), a Golden Retriever is perfect. They’re active and gentle-natured (especially good with children), and are great around other people and dogs.


If your family falls under the “homebody” description, then a breed such as a Bulldog would be more suited. As they’re medium in size, they are great for families who aren’t too active but still like to take their four-legged pooch for an easy walk. They don’t require much exercise, but will be a gentle, loyal, protective member of your family.

Golden Retriever
A Golden Retriever (Credit: Getty Images)

For the elderly:

The best breed for seniors are definitely your lap dogs – think Cavoodle or Maltese. Both are intelligent and loyal companion breeds that require attention, stimulation and playtime, but don’t need long periods of exercise.

Maltese dog
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Families in inner city apartments:

Whilst Greyhounds are known for their hunting skills, speed and agility, they are surprisingly quite lazy and require little exercise, which make them a great breed for those who live in inner city apartments. They are low maintenance, very gentle and affectionate by nature. They are also quiet and rarely bark. Another plus for those who live next to neighbours with sensitive ears! 

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People who have allergies:

Dog allergies are tricky; some people are allergic to the dog’s saliva or skin (in which case, I suggest steering clear!) others are allergic to the dog’s fur. If you’re allergic to the fur, this is a more simple problem to tackle. Breeds that have a hypoallergenic coat, don’t shed their coat, or don’t have a coat at all are your best bet. These include:
– Poodle/labradoodle
– Xloloitzcuintli
– Schnauzer
– Maltese
– Greyhound

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