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World’s oldest man reveals secret to long life

The answer might surprise you!

A 112-year old Japanese man has revealed his secret to living a long life.

Dubbed the world’s oldest man by the Guinness World Records this week, Chitetsu Watanabe was presented with a certificate in his Niigata home.

Ahead of his 113th birthday in March, Watanabe revealed his secret to a long life is to ‘not get angry and keep a smile on your face.’

Despite living for over a century, Watanabe still has a sweet tooth, particularly when it comes to brown sugar.

He also loves custard pudding and profiteroles.

Born in 1907, the retired sugar cane farmer has five children.

Speaking to Guinness World Records, his daughter-in-law, Yoko said she had lived with Watanabe for over 50 years and has never seen him raise his voice or get mad.

‘He’s also caring,’ she said, adding that when she was working on her patchwork hobby, he was the one who praised her work.

Currently the record holder for the oldest living person in the world is a 117-year-old woman named Kane Tanaka.

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