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Photos of Keanu Reeves NOT touching women have sent his fans into overdrive

We think he's just a gentleman

A Facebook page has made an observation about Keanu Reeves that now we’ve seen it, we can’t unsee!

Sharing six photos of the John Wick star with various female fans and female celebs, they pointed out that in all them Keanu isn’t touching the women he’s posing beside. Instead, Reeves lightly places his hand behind the women, making sure it’s in view of the camera.

Keanu Reeves with a fan. (Credit: Facebook)
Keanu posing with two ladies – and two hands. (Credit: Facebook)
Keanu with a fan – spot the hand! (Credit: Facebook)
Keanu Reeves not man handling Dolly Parton. (Credit: Facebook)

The photos had fans delighted that their favourite Hollywood star isn’t a secret sleaze ball.

‘Such a gentleman,’ wrote one person.

‘A man that’s true to his cause,’ added another. 

‘Keanu Reeves is too pure for this world,’ observed someone else.

However, some other people believed there was a far more cynical explanation for Reeves’ obvious show of hands when he was with female stars and fans.

‘He makes sure his hand is visible in case someone wants to falsely accuse him of something,’ speculated one person.

‘He’s being smart because he knows he’ll be targeted by sexist and feminist people,’ added a man.

‘More than anything else these pictures make me sad. The fact that he has to do this to protect himself shows the state of the morality and reason in the society,’ wrote another person.

Whatever the reason – the photos are sure to cement Keanu Reeves as the nicest man in Hollywood!

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