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People are amazed by this 1970s ‘wine and eggs’ diet

Those were the days!

A bizarre ‘wine and eggs’ diet from the 1970s that encourages women to drink a bottle of wine a day has resurfaced.

Straight from the pages of a 1977 Vogue magazine, the diet promises women they will lose 2.5kg in three days by following their instructions.

The backwards diet plan tells readers to have a glass of wine three times a day, including with breakfast.

For breakfast, Vogue suggested a woman should consume a hard-boiled egg, washed down with a black coffee and a glass of white wine.

Lunch was two eggs, two glasses of white wine and another black coffee.

Amazingly, dinner included a 5 oz steak with the remainder of the bottle!

A picture of the diet plan was shared to Twitter, leaving many people shocked and amused.

‘A “crash diet” from Vogue in the 70s. I think I’d crash about 20 minutes after lunch,’ one Twitter user wrote.

How times have changed!

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