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You’ll never guess how this clever kid tries to sneak into the pool!

It's a parents' worst nightmare...

At first glance, it’s just a couple of kids having a bit of fun. 

But it could have dangerous consequences. 

Gold Coast radio star and mum Emily-Jade O’Keefe has warned parents to watch their kids carefully as summer approaches. 

According to The Courier Mail, Emily-Jade caught her daughter Millie, five, climbing on a friend Lucie, eight, to scale their pool fence.

Even though the clever kid managed to get her hand on the gate latch, she didn’t have the strength to open it. 

Afterwards, the worried mum explained to the girls that what they did was ‘very naughty’.

‘It just goes to show you have to watch your kids at all times around pools,’ Emily-Jade said. 

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