Prep for a Party Like a Pro!

Who would have thought that throwing a party was something that took so much organising?

Many of us attend far more parties than we organise, but once you have been involved in organising an event you’ll appreciate that those great parties where the guests, the food, the drinks, the music and the decorations all combine so smoothly into a great occasion, didn’t happen by magic.

However, don’t let that put you off. Anyone can organise a successful party, and whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the trick is to plan ahead and stick to your plan! From a small family gathering or kids party to a big bash like a wedding or other special occasion, follow our party planning and decorating tips and your guests will be wowed on the day. Here’s how:

Plan ahead

Don’t try to put together a big event with less than a few months lead-in time unless you are a professional. You will end up with more stress than fun, and people may have other engagements already. Plan ahead when it comes to making the guest list, sending out invitations, and setting your budget. Determine the date and time and reserve your venue if your party is not at home. 

Make lists

It is easy to forget something important when you are trying to do so many things at once, so making a list (or several) can be a life-saver. Then you can tick off all the things you have done and see how you are progressing, too. Music or entertainment? Tick. Cake ordered? Tick. Dress to the drycleaners? Tick. You get the idea. Also start your shopping list for food and drinks early and leave it in an accessible place, like on a notice board, so you can add things easily as you think of them.

Writing party invitations

Get festive

No matter what the occasion, a party is always more fun with some great decorations. These days, it’s not a party without some themed decorating items to brighten up the venue, so choose your tableware, balloons, decorations, piñatas, games, favour bags, centrepieces and anything else you fancy for your event. You can have printed items, go for a colour or theme, even dress up – the possibilities are endless.

Get help

If you are planning an event, make sure you don’t take on all the work by yourself. If you do, you may end up being too tired or stressed to actually enjoy the event. Rope in some relatives or friends to help with certain parts of the planning, like helping with the shopping, putting up the decorations or helping serve food and drinks on the day.

Blowing up balloons

Last-minute details

Every party will involve some things that can only be done at the last minute, such as cooking, getting ice for the drinks, making room in the fridge and so on. Everyday tasks still need to be done, such as walking and feeding the dog, and if you expect there to be a lot of noise or cars parked in the street, it may be wise to give your neighbours a heads-up too. Better still, invite them, and that way you can be sure they won’t complain!

And finally…

When the day of the event dawns, you should be more or less ready if you have followed your plan. Ideally, allow yourself a breather just before the first guests arrive, so you can get changed or just have a sit-down and a cup of something. Make room for extra coats if the weather is cold, stock the bathroom with toilet paper and get ready to party! You can save yourself a lot of hard work by using disposable tableware such as napkins, table covers, disposable crockery and cutlery and even plastic glasses. Just a few large rubbish bags at the end of the day will see all those items disappear and you won’t have to spend hours washing up, either!

Children's Party

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